Bosnia 2003 Pictures


Certificate Of Thanks From Camp Eagle Base
The Chaplain Of Camp Monteith Becomes Elvis
The Chaplain Sings To "Miss Michelle"
Our Troops Enjoy The Mystery Clue Gathering
On The Road With Our Convoy
Always Time To Chat With Our Soldiers
Hello Camp Morgan!
OK, we're a bit wacky!
Our Convoy Escorts
Peter Makes A Toast
Turkish Coffee Break On Route To Sarajevo
Hello Camp Monteith
"MWR" Mac and Elvis
Detective Riley & Our "Suspect"
We Love All Of You!
WOW! Learned How To Shoot That Thing!
Redneck Riley Interrogates Our Guests
John Plays Army
You've Gotta See The Show!
Ice Cream At Every Base!
Captain Truelove
Elvis Makes Her Blush
Dial M Learns To Shoot
Meeting Soldiers & Singing Autographs
Elvis & His Girls
Dial M In Arms Training
Nobody Move Or The Princess Gets It!
I'll Protect You!
Autographs With The Cast
That's not my...
Riley Interrogates Our "Suspect"
Our "Butmir Elvis"
The Sarajevo Tunnel
A Waiter On An Army Base?
The Tunnel In Sarajevo
Rehearsal & sound check
And the beer was as good as it gets! The only base with alcohol.
Thank YOU From The Cast Of Dial M. We love you and support you. Hurry home.